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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'- they say. We say - 'behold your own beauty and revel in it
Regular grooming or getting ready for an occasion- Avail our services to look the way you deserve to!
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Our stylists are diligently selected, professionally trained and aesthetically groomed to give you the best service possible. They carry years of experience, the best of skills and revered brands of products. In short, they are 'World Class'!

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Meet Poppy - our very quintessential young Indian girl. She is 26, single and works as a software developer with an MNC. She is pretty, intelligent, lazy, witty; loves partying, gossiping, having street food; hates office, misses home and contemplates running off to Himalayas once in a while; has love/ hate/ infatuation/ indifference on-and-off relationships with the other sex and confides everything in her best friend, Niki - basically everything we all are and a few things more! Here, read about her musings and experiences and share some of her secrets, too. She would love to be your friend, would you?!

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  • I will never again travel to a beauty parlor. The wait, the travel, the pain- just calling BigStylist is so much more worth it!

  • BigStylist’s party make-up and deep-tissue massages are two services that I swear by. They always hit the ball out of the park!

  • BigStylist experts are not just knowledgeable but also empathetic to the customer’s needs. Use BigStylist not just for the comfort of your home, but simply because for the quality.

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